Meet the team: Nikola

Introduce yourself with a few words? What is your job at New Wave Digital?

Everyone calls me Niki — a nerdish people person and passionate adventurer.

A New Wave Digital, I am the one who’s in charge of sparking the fire for all our projects and people involved in them. 🌈

My role is to find the clients’ pain and solve it by gathering the right team & kick-starting a pain-killer project using the latest innovative technologies.

How does a normal working day start for you?

My day usually starts with the biggest cup of coffee I can find! ☕️

The second step is to check the progress on all ongoing projects we’re bumping off…and to make sure everyone from the team is in full swing.

What innovative technology excites you most? 🎈 Why?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) — this topic brings my attention to 100% and I believe that by its help we can solve the biggest global challenges.

The concept of emulating the capabilities of the human brain is just incredibly uplifting, don’t you think?

What’s your superpower? 💥

To motivate, inspire and empower people to live their dream life without necessarily fall into the 9-to-5 workday.

What’s the skill you’d love to learn in the future?

All types of high-level management skills.

Which three famous people (dead or alive) you’d love to chat in person?

Elon Musk, Jack-Ma, and Steve Jobs. 🙊

What is your ideal way to relax?

Having a long mountain walk and the company of mates with a killing sense of humor.

What is your most preferred spot in the world?

Hmm… that’s a hard one! :] The world is full of astonishing places. So far, I’ve visited more than 25 countries and for me, the most impressive experience was in Hong Kong.

I also like spending time kitesurfing & working in Limnos Island (Greece)…it just feels like home there!

Cheers, Niki! 💙

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