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We are about to say goodbye to 2020, and let’s be honest — there isn’t the tiniest sign of nostalgia. This year was crazy, pandemic, ruthless. But it definitely taught us valuable lessons.

Plus, we can’t do anything but brag about the successes New Wave Digital achieved in 2020. :)

Read about them in the following article.

In Q1 2020, we introduced our brand new website and ritzy, cosmic visual identity. Our design team (special thanks to the Creative lead — Jason) spent two months of hard work and preparations (and there are still things we want to improve).


She’s a passionate plant lover, a deep thinker, and a dedicated team player, who can often be spotted around the city on her bicycle.

Q: Introduce yourself with a few words? What is your job at New Wave Digital?

A: The name is Alexandra, and I am an adventure seeker with an endless love for her bicycle and flora. You can find me either biking, hiking, or around plants.

I joined the New Wave Digital’s team back in the summer part-time as a data coordinator, and here am I today — joined the team officially as a communications & analytics manager.

A: I am always trying to start the day without internet access, so I can center myself and enjoy the early morning calmness at home. …

The focus when hiring the perfect team today has shifted from the one a decade ago. Since more and more technical areas of the businesses are getting automated, the differentiating factor for candidates’ are now their human qualities. People with hard skills are still valued, but these competencies are not enough for the individual, or the company for that matter, to progress and work to its full potential. They also need the so-called soft skills.

To understand the importance of soft skills, we first need to investigate what they are. They are non-technical skills linked to the personality and character…

Sliced between green activism and digital innovations, she’s the one hunting for business opportunities at New Wave Digital

Q: Introduce yourself with a few words? What is your job at New Wave Digital?

Hiya, I’m Teddy — business developer, animal rights & zero-waste activist, foodie, blockchain enthusiast.

Since 2019, I’m part of New Wave Digital as customer success and biz dev manager, meaning I am the one to identify new business opportunities, along with the CEO, and putting more attention into fostering client relationships.

Welcome to 2020. The time of extensive change, social distancing…and the gigantic jump in the eCommerce share of retail sales in a single year! If you don’t buy it, look at the stats — eCommerce sales are foreseen to reach $4.2 trillion globally by the end of 2020 (Source: Shopify).

Shopping drift during a pandemic

For more than six months now, the pandemic lockdown is urging us to shop online — some people for the first time. Thus, online retailers have been experiencing massive growth in the midst of retail declining. So could we name 2020 as the year of eCommerce industry ‘revolution’?

Mobile has changed the way we all shop

Perhaps. But…

We’ll help you to build one successfully

Pitch decks…This is a matter which concerns more and more entrepreneurs as the start-up culture has been picking up in the last couple of decades.

Endless ideas are floating around this promising ecosystem, but a very small percentage make it to the portfolios of the all-mighty venture-capitalists. Аs the pitch deck has been the new standard in the investment world and a crucial element which wins over even the toughest investors of them all- in this article, we shall review on it’s most important features.

To dive in, here is a general consensus about the slides which should be included…

She’s the big smile in our team who feels equally comfy on the beach and under the sea 🏊‍♀️, she’s our newest graphic designer!

Q: Introduce yourself with a few words? What is your job at New Wave Digital?

M: I was born and lived in the dirty downtown of Sofia till the moment I managed to escape and start living and working close to the sea as I’ve always been dreaming. I’m married, and I have a seven-year-old daughter.

I’ve recently joined NWD, and my job position is a Graphic Designer.

M: With a large cup of strong coffee.

M: From the already invented technologies, Augmented Reality is the one which I like most. …

It is actually a door opening to a better world for your business

In the age of COVID-19, the competition for mindshare is F-I-E-R-C-E. Companies are fighting uniquely not to be left behind. I’m saying “uniquely” because there is no guidebook on how to keep the business alive and glowing in the post-COVID economy. Right?

But is rebranding an option that many organizations consider in the current times and does it worth it? Let’s see.

What does a rebranding (during a crisis) mean?

If you look into the Cambridge Dictionary, the rebrand [ˌriːˈbrænd] is “to change the way that the public sees an organization, company, or product”.

The creative horsepower and the main “culprit” for our new fantastic website…he’s more even talented than Euripides :) :)

Q: Introduce yourself with a few words? What is your job at New Wave Digital?

J: My name is Jason Blackeye (literally translated from the Greek — Iasonas Mavrommatis) and I’m a Tech maniac :) At the age of 6, I got my first PC and from that moment technology became my life! 👨🏻‍💻

When it comes to my role at New Wave Digital, I am the Design lead and the person behind the company’s new website (we’re not done yet…be prepared for even greater stuff).

J: I wake up usually at 8:00 am and the first thing is to make some coffee ☕️, grab a quick breakfast and open my laptop. …

“Websites promote you 24/7. No employee will do that.” ― Paul Cookson

With the world’s economy and business suddenly shifting, it is more crucial than ever for your website to be as optimized, user-friendly, and innovative as possible.

Your digital presence affects how people perceive the quality of your business and its overall credibility. Agreed. Every second a person spends on your webpage is crucial. The amount of time it takes for visitors to decide whether they like or dislike your website may surprise you — 0.05 seconds. Most websites cannot fully load their content in that period, let alone make a sale that fast.

Further, it is essential to understand how…

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